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The idea and the desire to create "Rivista Italiana di Antropologia Applicata – Analisi dei Processi Socioculturali nella società contemporanea" arose from the need to easily use and broadly disseminate the results of socio-cultural research and studies. The journal will not present only studies and research, however; it is designed to be a meeting place and discussion forum for all sector scholars. It is hoped that this socio-anthropological discussion, in a multidisciplinary and multifactorial perspective allowing the development of approaches for the analysis of cultural contexts will lead to new research and study initiatives.

Discussions with various sector specialists lead to study proposals and the achievement of results through experiences and the interpretationism of inevitable societal change and the relationship that humans create through their social ties with society.

So, the scientific project proposes to agree on strategic objectives through the acquisition of interpretative models applied to reality, to individual contexts, and to humans in their broadest social and cultural expressions.

The journal will be published twice a year, with special issues designed to disseminate the results of various projects, or for special contingencies.

There is also an "Open Section" for free contributions of particular scientific importance.

Rivista Italiana di Antropologia Applicata is listed in Cineca, the catalogue of all academic publications. All scientific articles have DOIs which are registered with CrossRef.

Rivista Italiana di Antropologia Applicata is undergoing index-processing in Scopus.

The Rivista is distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.



Dr Simone Borile




Simone Borileis a linguist, security anthropologist and criminologist currently enrolled in an anthropology of disasters, crises and conflicts research project with the University of Ferrara. He is General Director of the Scuola Superiore Universitaria per Mediatori Linguistici CIELS of Padua and Brescia. He is President of the Sciences of Language Mediation programme (L-12) and of Strategic Communication programme (LM-94). He is encharched of Anthropology of Violence and Social Anthropology chair, and Disasters, Risks and Emergencies Anthropology teaching. He has long conducted scientific research in the socio-anthropological field, studying various aspects of violent behaviour and culturally oriented offences.


Editorial Board

Abbondanza Angelicchio (Degree in Modern Languages – University of Padua)

Roberta Dassie (Degree in Political Science - University of Trieste)

Veronica Piovan (Degree in Language Science - University of Venice - Ca' Foscari)

Vincenzo Vozza (PhD in Historical-Religious and Anthropological Studies – University of Padua / E.P.H.E. Paris)

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Editorial Secretariat

Daniela Berto, Monica Bettella


Graphic Designer

Luca Pastorino


Web Master

Kleber Alessandro De Oliveira Moreira


Direction and Editing

Campus Ciels

Via S. Venier, 200

35127 Padua

Tel.: +39 049 774 152

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